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Rice Paper, 12 oz, 340g, (Pack of 1), 34 Sheets

  • Thin Edible Sheets: Rice paper is a delicate, translucent, and thin sheet made from rice flour, water, and sometimes other ingredients like tapioca starch. Capture the essence of traditional Asian cuisine in your kitchen, as rice paper is a staple ingredient in beloved dishes like Vietnamese spring rolls.
  • Versatile Wrapping Material: It's commonly used in various Asian cuisines to wrap ingredients like vegetables, seafood, and meats, creating dishes like spring rolls and summer rolls. Whether you prefer your rolls crispy or soft, rice paper can be fried for a delightful crunch or used fresh for a tender bite.
  • Preparation: To use rice paper, it's often dipped in warm water briefly to soften it, making it pliable enough to roll or fold with fillings. It doesn't require cooking, just rehydration.
  • Texture and Taste: Rice paper has a slightly chewy texture when rehydrated, and it doesn't have a strong flavor on its own, allowing the flavors of the fillings to shine.

Pure. Natural. Cultured.

Enjoy flavor without compromise. Several of our spices, seasonings and specialty ingredients are certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher approved. Quality is always at the heart of Soeos products. Stock your pantry with the freshest spices.

Farm to People.

Soeos works directly with our farmers and manufacturers to produce the freshest raw ingredients and get them to you at their peak quality.

No More Middle Man

By eliminating the middleman in our production process, we are able to manufacture and ship spices and seasonings quicker than our competitors.

Cutting out the middle man means there’s no extra step from farm to you.

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Rice Paper, 12 oz, 340g, (Pack of 1), 34 Sheets