About Soeos

Mission & Vision
Soeos is a spice and seasoning company
dedicated to bringing fresher ingredients
to every table. Whether you’re a cooking
novice or a professional chef, every kitchen
deserves the highest quality spices,
seasonings and ingredients.

Farm to people.
Soeos works directly with our farmers and
manufacturers to produce the freshest raw
ingredients and get them to you at their
peak quality.

No more middle man.
By eliminating the middleman in our production
process, we are able to manufacture and
ship spices and seasonings quicker than
our competitors.

Cutting out the middle man means there’s no
extra step from farm to you.

Grow --> pick --> package --> ship.

Small business, big advantage.
As a small business, we stay in close contact
with our people on the ground to ensure the
freshness of every single batch.

The fresher the better.
Our streamlined production process means
our spices get from our farms to your door in
a flash.

Vine to table.
We offer a wide variety of whole peppercorn
options each unique with their own sharp
flavor profile and aroma.
Our streamlined production process enables
us to deliver whole peppercorns quicker than
our competitors resulting in better flavors for
our customers to enjoy.
We’re so proud to have our whole black
peppercorns as a customer favorite and top
Amazon seller.