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Late review but I ordered these right before Thanksgiving after having a frantic search for them in the grocery stores here with no luck! They arrived right on time and I was able to make a lovely mulled cider for everyone. Almost all the stars in the package were still whole, they had a great scent ot them, and they did add a lot of spice flavor to the drink.


I got these to use in my herbal tea blends, so I broke off just one "arm" and added it into a teabag full of herbs. I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, slightly spicy taste. It was really soothing and much sweeter than I'd imagined. These seeds are perfect for grinding down to use in herbal tea blends and chai teas. They just look cool as well, and tge quality seems fresh and potent. This was a good choice for me and I believe it will be for you as well! ☆

Hope Pusher

The intense wonderful smell of these star anise filled the room when I opened a bag of them. The scent is sweet and spicy- like a mixture of licorice (or aniseed) and, sassafras.


Common Uses of Chinese Star Anise

Mulled Wine

Fall spiced green tea with cinnamon and star anise

Star Anise and Ginger Chicken