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Rainbow Peppercorns 50g + Pink Salt 100g (100ml Grinders, Glass Bottle)

  • Soeos Rainbow Peppercorns and Soeos Pink Salt in glass bottle grinders offer a delightful combination of premium spice and seasoning presented with both style and functionality. This set includes a colorful blend of rainbow peppercorns, providing a spectrum of flavors and aromas, along with pink salt, known for its delicate mineral-rich taste.
  • Colorful and Flavorful Blend: This product from Soeos features a captivating blend of rainbow peppercorns, each contributing its unique flavor and aroma, ranging from mild and fruity to bold and spicy. Alongside the peppercorns, the inclusion of pink salt adds a delicate, mineral-rich taste to your dishes. This combination not only enhances the flavor of your food but also provides a visually appealing burst of colors to your culinary creations.
  • Stylish and Reusable Packaging: Packaged in elegant and reusable glass grinder bottles, these not only elevate your cooking but also contribute to an attractive and functional presentation in your kitchen. The bottles can be refilled, making them a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing addition to your dining table or spice rack.
  • Freshly Ground Convenience: The glass bottle grinders provide the convenience of freshly grinding both peppercorns and salt as needed. This ensures that you experience the peak of their flavor and aroma in your dishes. The grinders are easy to use and allow you to customize the coarseness of the grind, giving you control over the texture and intensity of your seasonings.

Pure. Natural. Cultured.

Enjoy flavor without compromise. Several of our spices, seasonings and specialty ingredients are certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher approved. Quality is always at the heart of Soeos products. Stock your pantry with the freshest spices.

Farm to People.

Soeos works directly with our farmers and manufacturers to produce the freshest raw ingredients and get them to you at their peak quality.

No More Middle Man

By eliminating the middleman in our production process, we are able to manufacture and ship spices and seasonings quicker than our competitors.

Cutting out the middle man means there’s no extra step from farm to you.

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Rainbow Peppercorns 50g + Pink Salt 100g (100ml Grinders, Glass Bottle)