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Organic Green Tea, 100 Tea Bags, 6.3 oz

  • 100% ORGANIC: Soeos Organic Green Tea is a cherished beverage known for its natural purity and potential health benefits. It's cultivated using organic farming practices, ensuring it's free from synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Green tea's signature grassy, vegetal flavor and its rich antioxidant content provide a refreshing and health-conscious option for tea enthusiasts, making it a beloved choice in the world of tea.
  • BEST TO DRINK: Elevate your tea-drinking experience with Soeos Organic Green Tea! Sourced from the most reputable tea gardens and blended with expert precision, this tea delivers a rich and satisfying taste that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.
  • LOW CAFFEINE: Organic Green Tea from Soeos contains a low level of caffeine, making it an excellent choice for individuals who seek a mild and sustained energy boost without the intense jolt associated with high-caffeine beverages. The caffeine content in green tea is generally lower than that found in black tea and coffee, providing a gentler stimulation that can help enhance alertness and focus.
  • CONVENIENT 100 TEA BAGS: Soeos Fresh Green Tea, thoughtfully packaged in 100 tea bags, offers a convenient and accessible way to enjoy the healthful and refreshing benefits of green tea. Each tea bag is expertly crafted to provide a consistent and flavorful cup of tea with minimal effort. With 100 tea bags, you can easily incorporate this organic green tea into your daily routine, whether at home or on the go, making it a convenient and eco-conscious choice for avid tea enthusiasts.

Pure. Natural. Cultured.

Enjoy flavor without compromise. Several of our spices, seasonings and specialty ingredients are certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher approved. Quality is always at the heart of Soeos products. Stock your pantry with the freshest spices.

Farm to People.

Soeos works directly with our farmers and manufacturers to produce the freshest raw ingredients and get them to you at their peak quality.

No More Middle Man

By eliminating the middleman in our production process, we are able to manufacture and ship spices and seasonings quicker than our competitors.

Cutting out the middle man means there’s no extra step from farm to you.

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Organic Green Tea, 100 Tea Bags, 6.3 oz