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Spice Up Your Season: DIY Holiday Potpourri with Soeos Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise Seed, and Whole Cloves

As the holiday season approaches, there's no better way to enhance the festive ambiance of your home than with a touch of DIY magic. Embrace the warmth and coziness of the season by creating your own holiday potpourri, featuring the delightful trio of Soeos cinnamon sticks, star anise seeds, and whole cloves. Let's explore how these aromatic wonders can transform your space into a winter wonderland of inviting scents.

Here are the ingredients on how to create your own potpourri:

Soeos Cinnamon Sticks


Cinnamon sticks, the aromatic darlings of holiday potpourri, bring a symphony of festive scents to your home. Their sweet and spicy fragrance evokes images of warm gatherings and seasonal joy, enveloping your space in a comforting embrace. As rustic embellishments, these slender quills not only infuse the air with a familiar warmth but also add a visual charm, transforming a simple bowl of potpourri into a decorative centerpiece that captures the essence of holiday traditions.

Soeos Star Anise Seeds


These are the exotic gems of holiday potpourri, which lend a captivating allure to your seasonal blend. Star anise seeds’ unique star-shaped pods release a subtly licorice-like aroma that mingles with the air, creating an enchanting and aromatic atmosphere. As they nestle amidst other festive spices, these seeds infuse your home with a touch of sophistication, adding both a distinctive fragrance and an elegant visual appeal to your holiday potpourri.

Soeos Whole Cloves


Whole cloves, the aromatic powerhouses of holiday potpourri, contribute a rich and earthy fragrance that elevates the festive atmosphere in your home. With their warm and spicy notes, these tiny, brown buds infuse the air with a comforting scent reminiscent of holiday traditions. As integral members of the potpourri ensemble, whole cloves not only stimulate the senses but also visually enhance the mix, pairs perfectly with the sweetness of cinnamon and the complexity of star anise, resulting in a well-balanced and festive fragrance, and creating a delightful sensory experience that resonates with the warmth of the season.



Collect a handful of cinnamon sticks, a generous portion of star anise seeds, and a handful of whole cloves. This trio forms the base of your holiday potpourri.


In a bowl, combine the Soeos Cinnamon Sticks, Soeos Star Anise Seeds, and Soeos Whole Cloves. Feel free to experiment with the ratios to find the scent profile that suits your preferences.


Enhance your potpourri by incorporating additional elements like dried citrus peels, pinecones, or even a few drops of essential oils such as orange or cedarwood for an extra festive touch.


Once mixed, place your potpourri in decorative bowls, jars, baskets, or fill sachets to distribute throughout your home. Consider placing them in key areas like the living room, dining table, kitchen, or entryway for maximum impact.


Rotate and Stir: Gently stir the potpourri every few days to release trapped scents and refresh the fragrance.

Storage: Store unused potpourri in a sealed container when not in use to preserve its aroma for an extended period.

Experiment: Feel free to experiment with additional seasonal spices or herbs to customize the fragrance to your liking.

Soeos Cinnamon Sticks + Star Anise Seeds + Whole Cloves Bulk

With a simple combination of cinnamon sticks, star anise seeds, and whole cloves from Soeos, you can infuse your home with the delightful scents of the holiday season. This DIY holiday potpourri not only serves as a natural air freshener but also adds a festive and visually appealing element to your home decor. Spice up your season with this aromatic creation and let the holiday cheer waft through every corner of your abode.

Happy holidays, Soeos lovers!